Moral communities across the border: The particularism of law meets the universalism of ethics

  • Barbara Hudson University of Central Lancashire
Palavras-chave: Migration. Cosmopolitanism. Hospitality. Justice. Ethics. Human Rights


Much of the moral and political debate about the rights of migrants has concerned their rights once admitted to a state. Although these issues around the rights of migrants once within the destination country are obviously of great importance, in this chapter I want to focus on the border itself and on the border posts and camps that spring up along the world’s frontiers. It ishere that, in the name of national sovereignty and security, universal moral claims are disregarded and the rights derived from them glaringly ignored.

Biografia do Autor

Barbara Hudson, University of Central Lancashire
Originally published as a posthumous chapter of Rethinking Control for a Globalized World – A Preferred Future, edited by Leanne Weber (Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, London and New York, 2015). We express our gratitude to Routledge, to Leanne Weber, as well as to Harry Harrison, Barbara’s widower, for generously giving BJLJ permission to republish this what must be one of Barbara’s last pieces of writing. We acknowledge Susan Uttley, associate editor of BJLJ (with whom the Chief-Editor has shared the special friendship of Barbara) for the liaison with the publisher and the editor of Barbara’s original chapter.
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