Call for papers - Dossier

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Call for papers - Dossier

1 – Title: Young people and activism in (de)construction: socializations and political (in)actions


2 – Editors invited:

Miriam Leite (UERJ)

Vitor Sérgio Ferreira (ULisboa)

Valéria Floriano Machado (UFPR)


3 - Deadline for submission: from October 30, 2018 to March 31, 2019.


4 – Publication date prediction: March to June 2019.


5 - Types of texts expected:

- Unpublished papers that fit the theme of the dossier

- Book reviews on the subject of the dossier, published in the last 5 (five) years


6 - Justification:

The last decade of the twentieth century was a stage of creative and unexpected political manifestations, which continue to resist and insist until now, on the possibility of alternatives to the so-called Washington Consensus. From the Battle of Seattle to the Arab Spring and student occupations in Latin America, the recent actions of political contestation that count with significant participation of young people and students of different levels of education have been many and diverse.

More individualized and everyday contestation practices also tend to spread among younger generations, as critics and alternatives to the possibilities afforded by neoliberalism in terms of consumption and production, in areas such as food, energy, housing, among many other spheres of lifestyles, such as the slow movement and veganism.

In this context, there is also a large youth group politically disengaged, disinterested in issues related to public life, the common good and political participation, and little or nothing socially mobilized in the face of the new challenges of the global future.

The Young people and activism in (de)construction: socializations and political (in)actions Dossier seeks to contribute to the problematization of this scenario, through the invitation to the academic debate about the socialization processes of these activists, as well as the large number of the young populations who do not engage in such movements and/or adhere to conservative political perspectives.

 The call is for research and theoretical essays of national or international authorship in the field of youth studies, with innovative and relevant contributions in the following themes:

- Processes and contexts of socialization that allow to understand different forms of engagement and/or non-political engagement of young people today;

- Practices, guidelines and motivations of (in)activism and political (in)actions among young people in the contemporary world, with emphasis on forms of agency in online and offline terrains;

 - Innovative and/or critical problematizations of concepts pertinent to theoretical reflection on political (in)activism among young people in the contemporary world, such as socialization, individualization, individuation, subjectivation, subject, agency, decision, protagonism, among others.

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