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The players are divided into three classes: bronze, silver and gold. Gold players are stronger than silver, and silver ones are more than bronze ones. And, guess a little bit, the players you get at the beginning will almost always be of bronze class with how get free fifa 18 coins. You did not think it would be simple, would not it?

Plan your first team

To let you die from the desire to get the strongest players in the mode, FIFA Ultimate Team allows you to add your top players to the team from the start. Expect to exult, these are loans, which means that you can only use them for a limited number of matches without having the opportunity to renew their contract and have the fifa 18 hacktool cheats.

At this point you will want to begin planning how to build your team. In the FIFA Ultimate Team your goal is not to make the team with the strongest players but the ones with a good intent. Understanding is the bond that unites one to one players in your team. The higher will be, the better the player's performance will be in the in game FIFA 18 hack for free coins.

Having members of the same nationality or playing in the same league will allow you to get a high Intesa. If they play in the same team, it is even better.

When you take some football superstars on loan, then you have to think about their nationality, championship and membership team for the growth of your team. Take Dele Alli if you want to put on a team based on the stars of the Premier League or the English national, or Gareth Bale if you want to concentrate on the League.

First you will start planning, the lesser the problems you will face in terms of Intesa and maximize the potential of your team with free FUT 18 coins.