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7 Most Famous Card Game

por Bandar Dewi (2017-09-22)

Gambling games can bet on any media. Starting from card games to sports, it can also be used as a gambling medium in gambling. And in this article I will give a little explanation about the game of card gambling.

In the story of this card gambling game has been known since ancient times, but the origin of this card gambling game has not anyone knows it. There is mention of this card gambling game coming from Ancient Egyptian, Chinese and other civilization.

Game gambling card itself is one of the illegal game in indonesia. But there are still many who want to play this card gambling game. Therefore here I will give explanation one by one.

7 Types Of Popular Card Games In Indonesia As Below:

Types of Poker Online Gambling Games
In this day and age who does not know this poker game. In fact, almost every year the World Serious Of Poker or shortened to WSOP as a poker institution in the world often hold poker tournaments.

Type of Game Gambling Card Domino Qiu Qiu
Domino game qiu qiu itself is a very popular second game in indonesia because this qiu qiu domino game has started its many enthusiasts. The domino qq game is very similar to a cute game that uses dominoes. In this game you will pit the card with your opponent to get the highest score is the card 99 or Qiu Qiu common people call.

Type of Capsa Susun Card Capture Game Compose
You could say capsa stacking game is also a lot of its enthusiasts, because this game is very similar to poker game that uses playing cards in use as a tool of his game. What distinguishes poker game and capsa stacking game is you arrange it into 13 cards between his 5 cards bottom, 5 card center and 3 cards at the top, then later the combination of the card will be in the match with your opponent card. And who will come out to be the winner is the card that has the highest combination.

Type of Cards Gaming Gambling Games
Probably still a few people heard what kind of cute game. Ceme game itself uses a domino card as a card to play it. Ceme game itself is almost like a game domino qiu qiu which uses only 2 pieces of domino card only. In this ceme game the player can become a bookie and later on that will come out to be the winner is a player who gets a value of 9.

Type of Blackjack Card Gambling Game
The game of blackjack is also a popular game in the casino. blackjack game itself is not hard to play. Where in this game each player only add 2 cards to the value 21. But if you get more than 21 then the bandar is entitled to come out to be his winner.

Type of Baccarat Card Gambling Game
Baccarat game itself is a card gambling game that you can get in every casino-casino. In this game you will fight with the dealer, which next time you will place a bet on the table according to his / her place on the betting table there is the name of the banker and player.

Types of Gambong Card Gambling Game
Have you ever heard of a sack game? For those of you who do not know me here will give a little explanation about the game of sack. Sakong can be spelled out new game on Judi Kartu, it is this sakong game its name has started in know by people. Sack game is a game that uses playing cards similar to poker games. This sack game can be played by 8 players who later 1 person becomes a dealer and 7 more players become players. To determine who will come out so the winner is who get the highest score of 30. Sakong own like like blackjack also but its difference sakong have to get value 30 if passing from 30 then that come out to its winner is Bandar.