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The adult entertainment industry is plastered all across the internet

por Adalgisa Zetticci (2017-09-05)

The adult entertainment industry is plastered all across the internet, its like Video di Culone for italian. From spam mail to pop ups, 9 out of 10 boys reported seeing X-rated material before they were 18. Likewise, 6 out of 10 girls reported seeing X-rated images before the age of 18, clearly showing how easily accessible the industry has become.

Don't get me wrong, I watch the occasional porn, but I tend to favor the porn parodies over the more hardcore offerings. My husband and I had one DVD, the big budget (for a porn, anyway) "Pirates." We enjoyed it more for the awful dialogue and surprisingly decently executed special effects. My husband also had a subscription to Playboy, so I was used to seeing mostly artificial breasts on very naked ladies in Video di Tettone.

Recently, LGBTQ+ communities have welcomed the creation of sex work through a homosexual lens. However, there have also been repercussions within this community due to the brutal treatment of the workers. Many producers and proponents of pornography featuring gay actors claim that this work is liberating and offers them a voice in popular media while critics view it as a degradation of the eroticization of inequality and that advocates for this new line of cinema are only creating a new barrier for homosexuals to contend with.

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The more I looked at this abundance of genitalia day in and day out, I started to come to the realization that vaginas and penises were kind of ridiculous looking. I ended up not thinking of sex as sexy, which isn't good when I came home to a husband who hadn't just spent 8 hours looking at it. My sex drive plummeted. I honestly thought there was something wrong with me in Pompini style.